Simple and Effective Tips to Keep Your Roof Maintained

Using a good roofing company to keeping a properly maintained roof is more important than you realize! The roof is your house’s first and foremost line of defence against damage caused by adverse meteorological conditions. As such, you can avoid costly repairing expenses as well as future headaches, simply by adopting a vigilant and preventive attitude that ensures the roof on your house is doing its job of protecting the entire house from the elements. Read through this article for a checklist of basic but highly effective maintenance tips.

Make sure to keep the gutters clean and effective

One of the most important aspects in roof maintenance is to keep the gutters clean, in order to make sure the rain flushes down properly rather than creating pools and infiltration that will invariably cause damage to the roof as well as the underlying structures. Cleaning the gutters is something that should be done at the start of every season, since gutters are very prone to accumulating debris, leaves, twigs and all kinds of residues. This type of maintenance is something to do only when the gutters are dry; otherwise the task will be harder and possibly dangerous.

Keep and eye out for roof stains, valleys, and other signs of deterioration

Another crucial aspect of roof maintenance involves keeping an eye for troublesome areas in the roof, which may include stains and wet spots (that suggest water infiltration), as well as “valleys” – areas of the roof where a deformity appears which indicates underlying structural damage. You should also keep an eye out for flashing or indentations of the lead coverings binding the corners of chimneys or window frames. Repairing these problems can be relatively inexpensive if you catch them early on, but the associated costs will escalade the longer such issues are left unattended. Whenever possible, get the help of a specialist to do the job, since by doing so you will make sure your roof is regularly assessed by a trained eye that might catch potential issues at a time when they’re easy to fix.

Watch out for broken tiles or consider modern slating solutions

If your roof is comprised of old-fashioned clay tiles, they will invariably break and corrode and must be replaced as soon as possible – otherwise the damage will keep spreading, the infiltration will increase and your problems and expenses will pile up. In some cases where a roof it’s much deteriorated, it might be worth to actually invest in switching over to modern slating solutions that will involve less maintenance and will keep your roof in good working order for many years to come. Getting a complete roof overhaul may sound costly at first sight, but it’s often the least expensive alternative on the long run. There are modern slating solutions which will last for a lifetime with little to no maintenance involved, while fragile old tiles will be likely to keep you busy doing repair and maintenance nearly every year.

Keep this simple advice in mind, and you’ll ensure your house stays in good condition and thus with higher market value.

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