Maintain and Extend the Life of you Roof

Like many things around the home, your roof has the potential to last many years…as long as it’s maintained. When buyers look at a home, they don’t necessarily spend extra for a well-kept roof. However, they certainly walk away from one that needs expensive repairs. As roofers in Liverpool we come across the below on a daily basis. Whether you plan on selling or just making the most from your investment, we have some advice today!

Inspect the Loft and Roof

Although it sounds obvious, the simplest step you can take is to introduce two checks for your roof and loft per year. With one in fall and one in spring, you’ll spot any problems and have a chance to get them fixed before summer and winter (and before they transform into costly repairs/replacements!).

Check for Cracks

It’s important to look at the roof from both sides; you can assess the tiles or shingles from one side, and the roof of the attic from the other. If you spot cracks or dampness, this suggests a deeper problem and we recommend contacting a professional as soon as possible.

Clear Debris

While autumn can be beautiful as the leaves fall from the trees, it can also cause all sorts of problems for the roof, chimney, and gutters. As you complete the biannual checks, clear away any debris. If your gutters are left clogged, water will build up and this can cause damage to the roof. This is a perfect example of how simple maintenance now can prevent expensive repairs later.

Check for Mould/Fungus

Mould is no good for anyone; it can get into the walls and damage the structure of a building, get into the home and make you ill, and it can also ruin the appearance of a home. If you spot any signs of mould or fungus, purchase fungicides and deal with the problem immediately. If you’re worried about permanent damage or getting inside the home, feel free to contact a professional to deal with the issueed settings.

Look for Bulges

If you see uneven tiles or shingles, or even noticeable bulges, this suggests that water has got underneath. If left untreated, the water will simply spread along the entirety of the roof and you have a serious problem on your hands. If you spot this problem, contact a professional service quickly.

Be Careful on Slate

For those with slate roofs, you probably know the benefits they offer for durability. However, what you may not know is that the material can become delicate in the winter. Rather than putting all your weight on the brittle slate, hook a ladder to the side of the house and try to walk on this instead. Alternatively, ensure your shoes have a soft bottom otherwise you might just fall through (there’s nothing worse than causing damage that requires expensive repairs while you’re only trying to be a good homeowner and maintain the roof!).

Remove Snow and Ice

Finally, if you see regular snow and ice wherever you may be, we recommend watching the roof carefully. If snow builds above 12 inches, you can prevent the roof from caving in by clearing the snow. While doing this, be careful and sweep gently.

For some homeowners, they experience ice damming which means the melted snow (water) is prevented from draining properly in the gutter due to an ice shelf along the roof edge. To deal with this problem, consider investing in heat strips above the gutter and improve your insulation in the loft.

With these simple tips, you can keep your roof maintained whether you want a good selling price or just to prevent expensive repairs!

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